Flexible & Powerful Structural Steel Detailing


Works with AutoCAD OR BricsCAD
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Steel Detailing in 3D
Quickly draw detailed 3D structural steel with an intuitive interface. With the use of geometric constraints, you can create responsive 3D models that can be reused for multiple projects.
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Drawings and Results
Use 3D structures to automatically generate shop drawings, BOMs, IFC and CNC files. Easily create 3D-linked GA drawings.
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Parabuild has been an information-rich application since before BIM/IFC was around. By working with Parabuild, you are automatically constructing your BIM model! We are proponents of keeping your data freely accessible and easily shared, so we support the best BIM file format IFC for both import and export. Try the free Parabuild trial to experience it first-hand!
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