Automatic Orthographics for CADWorx

OrthoGen for CADWorx does for 2D orthographics what Isogen does for 2D isometric generation from 3D models

Simply define your drawing formats, define your 2D views, and Orthogen automatically creates fully annotated 2D plan, section, elevation and other drawings required for site layout and construction.

The configuration concept is not unlike Isogen's, although much simpler to work with, and the program comes pre-populated with dozens of common drawing types that require only minor adjustments to achieve your desired drawing styles.

OrthoGen is a third-party application, developed by a company called 3DS, based in Houston, Texas. It is mature software that has been used in Intergraph's PDS plant design software, as well as the AVEVA PDMS plant design suite. CADWorx is the only AutoCAD-based plant design software that provides Orthogen for automated 2D drawing generation.

Orthogen is currently an add-on application that is purchased separately from CADWorx Plant Professional. Also, there is a legal licensing requirement that all CADWorx Plant Professional licenses at one site be licensed for Orthogen, or none.


OrthoGen® CadWORX is quick to install, easy to use and is seamlessly integrated with AutoCAD and CadWORX. Users have access to numerous tools that help speed up workflows, annotate unlimited viewports and works with Fast/Direct CadWORX DWG xdata for label extractions. Designers and engineers can easily share sync information so models, drawings and databases are updated as changes are made.

Integrated with AutoCAD® and CADWorx®
OrthoGen’ s Fast /Direct CADWorx DWG “xdata” interface reads properties directly from DWG files. Using ACAD viewports allows auto annotations to be integrated with 2D embellishment work. Since this is a standard ACAD environment.
OrthoGen integrates with existing user developed commands, details, standards, and block libraries

Operates on native ACAD viewports and xRefs
Viewports can be created with the ACAD “mview” command or created via CADWorx Viewbox command. You can annotate unlimited viewports per layout.
Searches xRefs up to 3 levels deep allowing support of “Master Models” or direct model attachments. Also supports ACAD User Coordinate Systems

Delivered with 40 pre-defined drawing styles (SDI)
User Interface allows the selection of thousands of combinations of options.
These combinations of settings can be saved/loaded from “settings” files.
Production mode interface allows easy enforcement of project standards.

Easy repositioning and rotating of labels
Use ACAD commands to move and rotate labels. These edits are preserved when running updates on the drawing eliminating the need for re-work. Use native ACAD to add additional dimensions, hatching, notes, details etc.

Automatic column grid references
Create one grid model that will automate the placement of grid labels for ALL drawings on a project. Grid models eliminate “duplicate drafting” and introduction of errors.

Fast, high resolution, white space search algorithms
Generate the “edges” using CADWorx “2D” Rep” command and OrthoGen’s whitespace engine will avoid placing labels on them.

Built-in configurations for Piping, Equipment & Nozzles:

Config dialog 1


Simple Configuration Screens:

Orthogen Config Screens


Output formats can be any AutoCAD display style you prefer, incuding Rendered mode:

Orthogen Sample format

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