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Rangeland Engineering for Provident Energy

$40 Million project
Ahead of schedule & 1.5 Million under budget:

"CADWorx Plant Professional was instrumental in helping us finish the project ahead of schedule and $1.5 million under budget. The client was very happy they could get their product on stream early & start generating revenue before they thought they would.

The project had less than 1% re-working, while the client says they traditionally see over 8%. With over 300 isometrics, we only had 2 drafting errors that required cutouts; A remarkable acheivement."

Doug Cassidy , Rangeland Engineering

75% Productivity Improvement:

“Changing from ProCAD 2D to CADWorx in 3D has saved us 75% of our drafting time on average.   2 month projects are now 2 week projects.  We have it fully integrated into our system and it’s fantastic; we’re very happy with CADWorx.”

James Storoshenko , Toromont Energy

Preferred over PDMS:

“We have PDMS and CADWorx Plant Pro, and we’re all trained in both.  We use CADWorx exclusively unless a client demands that we use PDMS, because it’s so much faster; we get the job done in less than half the time.  A custom component in CADWorx takes minutes to create, and in PDMS it takes me an entire day for a single custom component.”

Brian Dodge, PSN

Better than AutoPlant:

“I had used CADWorx for several years, then worked on an AutoPlant project for six months & realized how much better CADWorx was. To demonstrate this to my client, I took the work that 2 designers did using AutoPlant over 5 weeks and re-did all of it in 10 hours with CADWorx."

Designer who wishes to remain anonymous, Calgary Canada.

3D - Easy to Use & Learn:

I have worked on many platforms and used many programs for constructing different types of projects, both big and small, for over 20 years. Until recently, our clients were not willing to pay for 3D because of the time required.

CADWorx changed our company’s clients' outlook overnight. They realize that technology has finally caught up to their budgets and now ask us to put 3D Modeling in the budget.

We are asked to create 3D models not only for the rendered images shown in production meetings, but to create more accurate construction documents. Clients that are not familiar with construction documents can turn to a 3D rendering and still participate in the production meeting of the project without skipping a beat.

Because CADWorx works with AutoCAD, we can continue to create drawings and share them with other companies, use other company's cad files in our design drawings. We also can use standards already created for our company and create accurate design drawings quicker and easier than before.

Some of the features I fell in love with almost immediately are the stairs and the ladders, and the ability to cope a steel connection. The ability to create a ladder or set of stairs and modify it after a design change is a great asset to the production of 3D modeling projects.

Learning CADWorx was as easy as learning to use different toolbar buttons. A line can easily be a beam or a column. Minor adjustments in the stair or ladder plans used to mean completely redoing them, whereas changes fixed in CADWorx take five minutes max.

Teaching CADWorx was easy if the student understood the UCS concept in AutoCAD. Most of the time, after explaining the idea of the UCS in AutoCAD, CADWork was easy for them to pick up.

Jeff Rhodig
Senior Structural Designer / CAD Manager
HT/DcR Engineering, Inc.
Tampa, FL

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