CADWorx Structure Frequently Asked Questions





How is a current CADWorx Steel user impacted with the release of CADWorx Structure?

CADWorx Structure 2017 uses the same license as CADWorx Steel, so the user will see no impact. CADWorx Structure is a separate, standalone product that will come on a separate CD with its own installation. This product will be included in the CADWorx Plant Professional bundle.  Contact us at CodeCAD for more information.

Will we have to change our licensing to SPLM from the HASP keys to use CADWorx Structure with CADWorx Plant?

No. SPLM licensing and HASP key licensing are both supported by CADWorx Structure and CADWorx Plant.

Can CADWorx Plant models be referenced into CADWorx Structure?

Yes. The CADWorx Structure model is a CADWorx model, and it can be referenced in CADWorx Plant (or vice versa) just like users have been able to do in the past.

Can CADWorx Structure be ran concurrently with and inside a CADWorx Plant session?

Yes. CADWorx Structure can either be run concurrently alongside an active CADWorx Plant session or it can be initialized via a manual AutoCAD command-line function from within CADWorx Plant. In each case, CADWorx Structure is a separately running application from CADWorx Plant, which results in the use of one license per application running at any time. Refer to Appendix B of the CADWorx Plant 2017 User Guide for more information on how to load CADWorx Structure from within CADWorx Plant.

How compatible is this with CAESAR II piping models?

The CADWorx Structure model is a CADWorx model and it can be referenced in CAESAR II just like users have been able to do in the past.

Are we able to use the same CFG as we do in CADWorx Plant?

No, but the CADWorx Structure CFG file works just like the CADWorx Plant CFG file, so users should find it familiar.

What is the workflow for moving a legacy CADWorx Steel model into CADWorx Structure 2017?

Legacy CADWorx Steel models are not upgradeable or editable by CADWorx Structure. However, users may attach the legacy CADWorx Steel model as a reference alongside any CADWorx Structure or CADWorx Plant model. In the case where changes against a legacy CADWorx Steel model may need to be performed, users may turn off the steel layers of the referenced CADWorx Steel model and use the displayed centerlines as construction graphics to place CADWorx Structure steel members.

Can detail structure fabrication drawings be prepared with CADWorx Structure 2017?

No. CADWorx Structure does not have automated detailed shop fabrication drawings.

Are any Structural Analysis tools provided with CADWorx Structure 2017?

No. In future versions, we will provide integration with popular structural analysis applications, including GT STRUDL®structural analysis product.

What are the building information modeling (BIM) functions of CADWorx Structure?

CADWorx Structure is a general structural steel and concrete modeling application that has multiple steel tables included. It is suitable for use in BIM projects now. We are currently working on IFC export in CADWorx Plant Professional and will also support IFC capability for BIM compatibility in coming releases.

Are there any concrete/foundation functions?

No. At this time, concrete structural objects are not included with CADWorx Structure 2017.

Can the steel shape libraries be modified and customized?

Yes. CADWorx Structure Editor can be used to modify, add, or delete portions of steel libraries so that the designer only sees the available cross sections when modeling.

What are the available cross section libraries?

CADWorx Structure 2017 includes 14 international steel catalogs:

  • CISC – Canadian
  • AISC 14.1 – Imperial
  • AISC 13.0 – Imperial
  • AISC 3.1 – Imperial
  • AISC 3.1 – Metric
  • IMCA - Mexican
  • SAISC – South African
  • EURO – European
  • EURO - OTUA - European
  • Japanese
  • India - BIS
  • Chinese – GB
  • Russian
  • German
  • Australian

Does CADWorx Structure work in Imperial or metric units?

Users are able to model using either Imperial (English) or metric units in CADWorx Structure.

Can we perform a clash check between CADWorx Structure elements?

Clash detection is a function that is available to be utilized while running CADWorx Structure within CADWorx Plant.



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