CADWorx Steel Professional

CADWorx Steel is a full-featured steel modeling package that allows users to quickly insert steel members into their design or build complex steel structures with full coping and database capabilities.

This module is included with CADWorx Plant Professional, and is available as a stand-alone application.



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CADWorx Steel is a full-featured steel modeling package that comes complete with international steel shapes and catalogs. CADWorx Steel provides tools to quickly insert steel members into a design or build complex steel structures with full coping and database capabilities.

The program allows straight or curved steel members to be placed on construction lines or at any place in the design. The editing of the steel members’ sizes, lengths, coping and notching against adjoining members is easy. All steel components can be linked to project databases for full and comprehensive bills of material reports.

CADWorx Steel is the easiest structural modeling package on the market. The program uses intuitive tools that make creating frames, structures, pylons, towers etc. a breeze! The 'Point and Shoot UCS makes placing members in any position and orientation painless and quick. If you can work in 2D you already have the knowledge to produce intelligent three diminutional steel models that take less time than they would if they had been done in 2D.

a CADWorx Steel comes complete with a full library of international steel shapes in both imperial and metric units. Either metric or imperial shapes can be placed in either environment without the modification of their underlying datafiles, allowing maximum flexibility for global projects whilst reducing conversion rework and input mistakes.
a CADWorx Steel makes the creation of complex 3D steel structures as simple as drawing in 2D. Multilevel frames with vertical or sloped sides can be combined to create intricate layouts that will allow you to easily place steel members by picking single or multiple frame lines to have the program automatically place steel members in the model.



CADWorx Steel allows structural designers and engineers to create user shapes that can be made up of plates or derived from any extruded profile. This means that you can build on CADWorx Steel's capabilities and deliver what you need - intelligently!

As each frame is created CADWorx Steel automatically creates AutoCAD views for each elevation, column or row in the model. CADWorx Steel's built in routines can also automatically dimension and annotate each elevation, column or row view for ease of drawing creation.

b As all CADWorx Steel members are intelligent so they can be easily modified by selecting them and modifying their properties. Functionality also exists that lets you automatically cope steel members against each other. You can additionally cut, trim and join any members - allowing modifications to the design without time robbing remodeling.
c CADWorx Steel outputs to popular database formats and has full auditing capabilities making sure model and database are kept in sync. Center of gravity calculations are automatically created and can be shown on-screen, in drawings or in a detailed repot. User configurable bills of material are also available directly from the model or from the external database.


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