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CADWorx Plant is an AutoCAD-based design and drafting system for creating orthographic and isometric 2D and 3D piping drawings.

Here's what's so great about it:  in one package, for a small fraction of the cost of other similar-sounding systems, you get more capabilities, better functionality, and software that's easier to use, backed by the best support in the business.

CADWorx Plant includes capabilities that are normally found only by combining multiple packages together, at many times the cost.  Use the links below to see what our customers say, get more product info., or even request a Live On-line demonstration.

CADWorx Plant 2007 supports AutoCAD 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and all Autodesk vertical products based on these versions, including Mechanical Desktop (MDT), Architectural Desktop (ADT), Map, Land Desktop (LDD), and CAD Overlay.

Professional Version
CADWorx Plant is available in a base version, or as CADWorx Plant Professional.

The Professional version extends Plant's capabilities with additional tools and capabilities.  Additional capabilities in Plant Professional include Live ODBC datdabase connectivity, Isogen, Navisworks Roamer and our stand-alone CADWorx Equipment product.

Sample Renderings
Customer Quotes & Success Stories
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Drawings in 2D, 3D, Isometric, or Orthographic
CAESAR II Interface
Customer Quotes
2D, 3D, single or double line, and solid modeling
Industry's best Isometrics
Specifications - Ready to Roll right out of the box
Point and shoot UCS
Automatic elevations
Automatic pipe routing
Precision equipment routines
Comprehensive component libraries
Database Support
Economical, yet Full Featured

100% AutoCAD Compatible
CAESAR II Bi-directional Link
System Requirements


More than a decade ago, COADE revolutionized pipe stress analysis. CAESAR II's flexibility, sophistication, and remarkable simplicity of operation quickly swept the worldwide market. COADE followed up with a succession of industry-leading programs for the design and analysis of vessels, piping and storage tanks. Now COADE has created an advanced new AutoCAD based program that will achieve for piping designers what CAESAR II achieved for stress analysis engineers. CADWorx Plant has been developed by designers and engineers for designers and engineers. The design of CADWorx Plant targeted ease of use, wide applicability, transfer links to pipe stress, and overcoming the limitations of other piping CAD packages. During the development of CADWorx Plant, the comments and suggestions of many senior pipe designers were incorporated to provide a wide range of capabilities. CADWorx Plant provides the most efficient tool available today for generating piping drawings. CADWorx PlantE can provide orthographic, isometric, and 3D models.

Most similar-sounding CAD software is practical only for mega-projects, requiring many specially trained people to manage the complexity of the CAD system.  Although CADWorx Plant is ideal for large projects, it is also the best tool for a single-line job.  No matter how large or small, CADWorx is suitable for the task.  Just start the program, and start drawing.  Users report efficiency improvements as high as 75% on CAD hours when switching from other CAD systems.

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Drawings in 2D, 3D, Isometric, or Orthographic
In many cases, the difficulties and incompleteness of current software products makes drawing in 3D a haphazard affair. CADWorx Plant addresses these concerns - models can be generated in single line and turned into orthographic plans and elevations, or converted into 3D. Alternatively, the model can be constructed initially using 3D objects. The AutoISO option makes creating isometric drawings an automatic, hands-off operation.
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CAESAR II Interface
A major capability of CADWorx Plant is its bi-directional data link with the pipe stress program CAESAR II. Using this link, a model can be generated on the CAD side, transferred to CAESAR II for analysis and modification, and then the altered model transferred back for drawing revision. Alternatively, a model initially created in CAESAR II can be sent to CADWorx Plant for drawing generation. In addition, the results of the stress analysis (stresses, restraint loads, hanger design) can be accessed for the development of stress-isometrics.
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2D, 3D, single or double line, and solid modeling
CADWorx Plant gives you all the choices. You can use 2D double line for conventional orthographic, or combine single line with a 3D model for effortless isometrics. Create the entire drawing in isometric mode, then convert it to double line plans and elevations, or to 3D faces for rendering and presentation drawings. Solid modeling provides perfect profiles for detailed output and interference checking.

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Industry's Best Isometrics
CADWorx Plant provides the industry's best isometrics and does it with ease. The software steps you through each selection and configuration process, handling all of the data transfers. During creation of the isometric, the program presents a choice of views for selection. Each isometric can be complemented with automatic dimensioning, bill of material generation and automatic bolting requirements. Border annotation is added automatically as you work through the configuration. CADWorx Plant uses a proprietary scaling algorithm to produce the industry's most attractive isometrics.

CADWorx/Plant Isometric Setup Dialog (above)

CADWorx/Plant Bill of Material Setup Dialog (below)

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Ready to Roll Specifications
No time to create specifications? CADWorx Plant specifications are complete and ready to roll, right out of the box. COADE has included detailed specifications for 150, 300, 400, 600, and 900 pound piping components. These specifications can be quickly duplicated and modified to suit the requirements of the job. Modify these on-the-fly using the built-in specification editor. Complete word processing search and replace functions make editing simple. Need to add another pipe grade? Just use the built-in specification editor to add or delete entries without leaving the drawing environment.

CADWorx/Spec Editor:

Spec - Component Edit Dialog:

Spec - Database Codes Edit Dialog for user part numbers:

Spec - Edit Specification Notes Dialog:

Spec - Information Edit Dialog:

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Point and shoot UCS
Three-dimensional modeling has never been easier. CADWorx Plant frees you from the constraints of other CAD piping packages. Tired of setting an elevation every time you add a component or run? Now you can simply designate the working plane (north, south, east, west, or flat), pick an origin, and start to work within that location. Placing components vertically or at different elevations is fast and trouble free. The UCS enhancement feature makes CADWorx Plant the most valuable tool on your desktop.
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Automatic Elevations
Now you can automatically generate orthographic elevations from developed plans. Modify the elevations and re-insert them back in the plan. It's your choice: create plans from these modified elevations, or create elevations from the modified plans.
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Automatic Pipe Routing
When you use CADWorx Plant, complex never means complicated. Pipe routing is a snap. Draw a simple 2D or 3D routing line, then use the built in router to attach pipe and elbows. You can apply piping at any angle in any direction. You can use buttweld (short or long radius), socket weld or threaded components, and apply trimmed elbows quickly and easily. Rolling offsets are a breeze! Additionally, the router gives you all the options you need - sloped, elevation changes and more - to produce clean, logical piping layouts.
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Precision Equipment Routines
When accuracy matters, you can count on CADWorx. Detail an F&D head, for example, and you will be prompted for each important element - dished and knuckle radii, straight flange, and so on to assure error-free results. You will be surprised just how easy it is to add tanks, vessels, pumps, and heads. Whatever mode you select, whether 2D, 3D or solids, COADE means confidence.
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Comprehensive Component Libraries
CADWorxPlant can draw 168 different types of piping components. You can draw from over a thousand component data files in metric or imperial dimensions. Components are drawn with toolbars and toolbar flyouts. In total, CADWorxPlant comes with over 30,000 built-in component data files.

In addition to standard components, CADWorx Plant offers special components such as:

• Victaulic fittings
• Bends of any angle
• Miters
• Bends
• Bleed rings
• Gauge valves
• Spectacle blinds
• Expansion joints
• Long weld necks
• Reinforcing pads and saddles
• Weld gaps
• Restraints
• Standard water hose & many more...

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Database Support
All components that are drawn with CADWorx contain intelligent information such as size, spec, and descriptions. This information is stored as attached data in the components centerline. With the Database Out function this information can be exported out to a database file. Currently, CADWorx will generate a MS Access (.mdb) or MS Excel (.xls). This is accomplished by using the Windows ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) standard. ODBC allows applications such as CADWorx to write to any ODBC compliant database application.  CADWorx also has a live database option which will write to Access, SQL Server, or Oracle.

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Economical, yet Full-Featured
CADWorxPlant is more affordable than most competing programs, yet it includes all the features you need to effortlessly design and draft piping systems.

• Automatic isometrics
• Automatic gaskets
• Automatic dimensioning
• Automatic pipe routing
• Bill of Material generation
• Single line and fitting width control
• Customizable line numbering
• Component information in EED format
• Center of Gravity calculations
• Operators, equipment, etc.
• Annotation routines
• Unmatched conversion between modes (2D - 3D)
• Graphics symbols
• Bi-directional interface with CAESAR II and much more

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100% AutoCAD Compatible
As a user, it is very important that AutoCAD commands are not disabled, which is what other AutoCAD-based piping programs do.  With CADWorxPlant - all AutoCAD commands work.  Other CAD programs require "special work-around" commands to perform simple commands, like Cut, Paste, Copy, Undo.  Here is a direct quote from the website of a competitive vendor, which describes an update feature in their software:   "To maintain the integrity of the database: using AutoCAD commands that are not compatible with (our) procedures will result in the display of a warning message and appropriate positioning of the Undo command." 
Not so with CADWorxPlant, every AutoCAD command works - period.  This means that with CADWorx, you don't have to "unlearn" AutoCAD commands that don't work because there aren't any. 

CAESAR II Bi-Directional Link

An Unbeatable Team
When you combine CADWorxPlant with the industry standard stress analysis program, CAESAR II, you have created an unbeatable team. CADWorxPlant provides the first intelligent, fully functional, bi-directional link between CAD and any stress analysis program. There are no neutral files or time consuming secondary conversions. Components, entire lines, or the contents of the entire drawing, can be selected and converted instantly into a CAESAR II input file. Similarly, CAESAR II data can be converted to CADWorxPlant drawings with minimal intervention.

Stress-free analysis
We've taken the stress out of pipe stress analysis. The AutoCAD to stress analysis transfer is complete, automatic and hassle-free. Just select and send. Node numbers, SIF specifications and element layout will be exactly as the engineer expects. The CAD operator need not be concerned with any aspect of the stress model: the model appears exactly as though it had been coded by an experienced CAESAR II stress analyst, including a rational node numbering scheme.

Trouble-free teamwork
Engineers and drafters work together using the same data. As the stress analyst makes changes to the CAESAR II model and returns the input file, CADWorxPlant instantly updates the drawing. Components that were added in the CAESAR II model will appear in a different format for immediate recognition. Read in the CAESAR II file, and even CAD novices can create a detailed piping drawing looking as though it were produced by an experienced piping drafter. During transfer, the CAD operator can intervene and modify the component information if required. Of course, any subsequent changes can be sent back out to the stress model with all stress analysis modeling details intact.

Automatic stress ISOs
Using the CADWorx/CAESAR II interface makes the creation of stress ISOs just as simple, easy and automatic as ordinary isometrics. Guided by custom dialogs within the drawing, annotations can be selected and added to the drawing. The program can automatically generate fully dimensioned stress ISOs annotated with input data or analysis results. Output reports summarize loads, displacements, stresses, restraints and hanger details.
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System Requirements
CADWorx supports AutoCAD 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and all Autodesk vertical products based on these three versions. Autodesk vertical products include Mechanical Desktop (MDT), Architectural Desktop (ADT), Map, Land Desktop (LDD), and CAD Overlay.

CADWorx 2007 does NOT support: AutoCAD LT, AutoDesk Inventor, AutoDesk Revitt.

CADWorx supports the following Operating Systems: Windows 2000 & XP Professional.

CADWorx supports the following database formats:  Access 97, 2000, or 2002; SQL Server 6.5, 7.0, or 2000; Oracle 8.0, 8.1, 8i, or 9i

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Customer Quotes

Here's what our customers are saying:

"We have been using CADWorxPlant here at Demar Engineering for nearly a year. We have had nothing but great results. On the rare occasion of a problem, we have gotten immediate (usually less than 24 hours) response from COADE - always with the right answer. I have been doing 3D design work for 10 years and CADWorx is by far the most user friendly and productive design tool I have used. My experience includes production use of Pro-pipe, CADPipe, PDS, as well as 3D work in just plain AutoCAD and Microstation.
“We have also had the opportunity to use CADWorxPlant bi-directional link to CAESAR II with great results also. It really is as seamless as COADE claims. We were so impressed with CADWorxPlant that we decided to standardize our entire drawing office to it, as well as integrate CADWorx/P&ID into our system. Thanks for helping us choose such a great package”.

Mark Eggers, Demar Engineering

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CADWorxPlant DEMO Information:

Demo has SAVE command disabled, which might drive you crazy.  Otherwise, it is the same software you purchase.

Requires: AutoCAD 2004, 2005, 2006 or 2007 for Windows 2000/XP.

Download free CADWorx Plant Demo
(full program, but File-Save disabled).

CADWorx Renderings

This image is one of several available for viewing at this site.  To see others, click on the link below. Note that there are several larger files that will load if you do click the link; total file size = approx. 985kb.
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