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March, 2019:

CADWorx 2019 SP1 Released - Now includes BricsCAD Platinum

Our new Service Pack 1 release of CADWorx Plant Professional now includes a full license of BricsCAD, our new DWG-based AutoCAD-equivalent. Unlike AutoCAD, BricsCAD is a true 64-bit program that loads and performs much faster that AutoCAD and works great with CADWorx!

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December, 2018:

PV Elite 2019 Released

Click here to read the update feature list

CADWorx 2019 Released

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October 23, 2018:

Hexagon Acquires Bricsys; Enters BIM and AEC World

Hexagon AB was already familiar to the AEC industry, with its Leica laser and GPS technologies, and now it owns Bricsys's impressive DWG-native CAD and BIM platforms, making Hexagon a new major global player in AEC software.

CADWorx is already compatible with BricsCAD, providing a platform that is far less expensive than AutoCAD. This acquisition will enable closer integration between CADWorx and other Bricsys technology. This is good news all around for CodeCAD customers.

September, 2018:

CADWorx Design Review Professional Released

This latest release is a significant upgrade to the CADWorx model visualization and publishing platform that improves collaboration among multiple software by utilizing tools for project review, markups, and field walk throughs, helping to reduce engineering and design time and lower overall project costs.

With CADWorx Design Review Professional, users can create realistic visualizations and access intelligent information regarding model components. The software’s powerful rendering tool provides the ability to adjust color, transparency and model shadows, and with the flexible selection sets, the user can adjust settings for single
components as well as for line numbers, Xrefs and other elements. The software’s intuitive interface provides fast and smooth navigation and manipulation of even the largest, most complex models. All model data, such as component names and descriptions and line numbers, are easy to access. This allows users to make changes or add questions to the visualization through each phase of the design and easily track project progress through visualization of components based on model data.

Contact us for more details.

January, 2018:

Parabuild Steel Detailing software added to CodeCAD offerings

CodeCAD has recently become a dealer for Parabuild, a comprehensive steel detailing program with vast features in a terrific, easy-to-use interface. Capabilities include 3D modeling, BOMs, GAs, intelligent detailing, macros, geometric constraints, BIM compliance and CNC file generation.

Parabuild works with AutoCAD or BricsCAD.

Parabuild partners very nicely with CADWorx Plant and CADWorx Structure, living up to the easy-to-use paradigm we've all come to rely on.

More information on Parabuild...

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December, 2017:

PV Elite 2018 Released

New features/updates include:

  • Div 1
  • Div 2 - Class 1 (New)
  • Div 2 - Class 2
  • Updated material data
  • Wind & seismic code updates
  • New retirement limit calculations
  • New functionality in the user interface

Click here to read the update feature list

December, 2017:

FE/Pipe Version 10.0 Released

New features/updates include:

  • BOS B31 – Fluid-Structure interaction using Frequency Domain Analysis of piping systems to comply with the  B31.3 Loading Requirements in Para. 301.5
  • Analysis using the VIII-2 Part 5 Nonlinear Solver
  • Addition of Drawing Tools to Allow the Graphical “CAD-like” Modification of Shell Model Details and Addition of Model Components
  • Guidelines for Multiple Olet Model Types for Pipe Stress
  • SIFs and k-factors for structural steel supports on Bends
  • SIFs and k-Factors for Bends with Steel Supports & Pressure Stiffening
  • STP-PT-074 Nozzle Stress Calculations
  • Automated Skirt Added to Nozzles-Plates-Shells-Vessel Heads Templates
  • Point Cloud Scanning Software – Allows users to take measurements of FEA models of pipe or vessels, or to compare FEA models to the actual scan model of images.  Provides high and low resolution editing.

December, 2017:

NozzlePro Version 12.0 Released

New features/updates include:

  • Support for ASME  VIII-w Part 5 Nonlinear Analysis Features
  • Directives for EN13445 Local Stress Analysis
  • Non-integral reinforcement pads for pipe shoes and saddles
  • Clamp-Type pipe shoes
  • Updated Allowable Load Algorithm for Pipe Shoes & Saddles
  • Piping Technology & Products Company Pipe Shoe Library
  • Shell  Automated Saddle Model
  • Bend SIFs included in PRGiK Calculator
  • Steady State & Transient Thermal Analysis of Pipe Shoes & Saddles
  • Update to Latest Version of API-579/FFS-1 and Enhanced Local Thickness Modeling
  • Automatic Modeling of Rings Around Shell Geometries
  • Addition of Drawing Tools to Allow the Graphical “CAD-like” Modification of Shell Model Details and Addition of Model Components
  • MultiCore SuperNode Solver (4-to-8 times faster)


October, 2017:

CADWorx Plant 2018 Released

Support for AutoCAD 2018, BricsCAD 2018, CAESAR II 2018 plus many new/updated features.

Click here to read the update feature list


October, 2017:

CADWorx Structure 2018 Released

This new edition of CADWorx Structure includes many new features, including footings, walls, slabs and concrete members.

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August, 2017:

CAESAR II Version 2018 Released

(Also known as Version 10.0) - Code updates and many great new features are provided in this latest release.

Click here to read the update feature list

June 15, 2017:

CAESAR II now includes new B31J correlations

"More applicable data" is now directly accessible in CAESAR II by downloading "B31J Essentials" from the Intergraph SmartSupport website.

By downloading and installing this application, you can automatically create a new version of your CAESAR II model with corrections that address known deficiencies in the B31.3 code, including SSIs, SIFs and flexibility properties of intersections and bends. These corrections are based on the R&D of Tony Paulin, the original author of CAESAR II, in conjunction with his technical team at Paulin Research Group and ASME.

ASME re-published Tony's correlations in their own paper (STP PT-073), and now reference these in the newly-minted B31J, making them 100% code-compliant. The implication is that you will generate more accurate results to avoid fixing problems that don't really exist (saving money), and avoid missing undisclosed problems that do (avoiding safety issues).

This is included with your CAESAR II software license if it is up-to-date. The download will only work with CAESAR II versions 2017 HF2 or later. If you are running CAESAR II 2017 but have not updated to HF2, you can download and access this update through Intergraph SmartSupport.

If you're familiar with the FEATools software, the B31J Essentials is a subset of this application and capabilities.

Click here to login to SmartSupport.

The B31J Essentials download is found under: View Downloads > CAESAR II > Freeware Tools and Utilities > Supported Freeware Utilities

The HF2 download is found in SmartSupport under: View Downloads > CAESAR II > Service Packs and Fixes


CodeCAD is now a BricsCAD Dealer

BricsCAD is now sold and supported by us at CodeCAD Inc. This software has lease and perpetual license options, has the same capabilities/functionality as AutoCAD, but costs far less than AutoCAD. Contact us for a free 30 day trial.

Download Free BricsCAD 30-day trial

More info on BricsCAD...

BricsCAD SalesPoint


AFT Fathom Software helps Chrysler plant acheive sustainability goals. Click Here to read the article.





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