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Fathom Add-On Modules add valuable enhancements to your analysis capabilities

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GSC - Goal Seek Control
XTS - eXtended Time Simulation
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GSC - Goal Seek Control: 

This provides the ability to have Fathom automatically alter input variables in search of one or more desired results.

Without this module, users build a model with certain desired outputs (such as pressure, flow, temperatures, differential pressures etc.). If you don't get the result you want, you change one or more input variables, and run again.

With only one variable, it is quite easy to iterate manually to achieve one desired output variable, but if you have more than one input variable that influences one or more output variables, the number of required iterations quickly becomes extremely time-consuming and burdensome.

This is where GSC comes in. You can simply tell Fathom what variables you wish to vary, and what the desired outputs are. Fathom will perform dozens, thousands or millions of iterations until it finds the desired results.

Variables that can be used as variables or goals include:

  • Pumps - speed, flow, head rise, impeller diameter
  • Valves - open percent, Cv/K, deltaP, flow
  • Reservoirs - liquid level, temperature
  • Control valves - setpoint, open percent
  • Orifice - diameter, area
  • Heat exchangers - heat rate, temperatures, area, U value
  • Spray discharge - area, K value, exit pressure


XTS - eXtended Time Simulation: 

This module provides the ability to transition through a range of steady-state solutions, where one or more input variables are changing in the input. For example, if you want to observe system behavior over the course of a tank emptying, or a control valve adjusting, the XTS module will allow you to input these behaviors and report the output in one report without having to run a series of individual steady-state solutions manually. Note that for high-speed variations in flow involving wavespeed considerations, Impulse is the product for these applications.





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