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There are well known errors in the B31 codes that can cause incorrect analysis results.  Specifically, the SIFs and flexibilities of intersections are known to be wrong in many cases (specifically when the branch and run pipe diameters differ), leading to unnecessary costs when fixing problems that don’t really exist, or unsafe designs when results don’t show problems that really do exist.

The main purpose of this software is to convert sensitive CAESAR II models from inaccurate/”wrong” ones into a more accurate/”right ones”.  It also allows you to specify the version of CAESAR II file to create.

The use of FEA Tools would typically begin with a quick evaluation using its “Criticality calculator”.  This indicates whether your piping system is sensitive to these issues and should be evaluated more closely.  If the system is sensitive, the next step would normally be to run an FEA program (such as NozzlePro or FE/Pipe) to calculate more appropriate SIFs and flexibilities, which can then be manually entered into the CAESAR II model.  This manual process takes about an hour per intersection.

FEA Tools has a conversion utility that does all of this automatically, creating a new version of the CAESAR II file in a few minutes or less.
The results can be very different.  There is also a utility that compares the results of two or more CAESAR files to help quickly identify differences in results.

Every CAESAR II user should have this!

FEATools Main Menu:

FEATools menu

Modules included:

Criticality Calculator - Determines the sensitivity of a given piping system to intersection SIF and flexibility issues to determine whether FEA Tools is likely to improve the model & analysis. Criticality Calculator screen

C2 Results Comparison - Compares 2 or more CAESAR II models to quickly determine differences in results. C2 Comparison Screen.

FE107 - FEA on fabricated branch connections: Unreinforced Tees, Pad-reinforced Tees and Laterals. Stresses per ASME Section VIII, Division 2 with comparison to WRC 107 & WRC 297. FE-107 Screens

FESIF - FEA on fabricated branch connections: Designed to calculate SIFs and stiffness values for use in CAESAR II.

FEBend - FEA on bends with our without attachments, including piping and structural attachments. Generate SIFs stiffness and perform full stress evaluations. FEBend Screens

FETee - FEA on contoured Tees. Extruded and B16.9 Tees included. Useful for evaluating non-compliant Tees.

CAESAR II Enhanced Branch Connection Modeler - Use FEA or ST-LLC-07-02 to apply more applicable data to a CAESAR II input file than beam-theory and code defaults. Automatically models FEA-evaluated SIFs and k's and creates a new CAESAR II model with the modifications. This feature alone is worth the price of admission.

New Branch Connection SIFs and Ks - Display & compare SIF and stiffness factors from a wide variety of notable sources. Also calculates stresses for various combinations of loads. New Branch Connection SIF and Ks Screen.

(note: NozzlePro is not included in FEA Tools, but if you have it, the FEA Tools menu can be used to launch it).


Criticality Calculator:

Criticality Calculator

C2 Comparison Utility

C2 Comparison


FE-107 Input:

FE-107 Input


FE-107 Tabular Results:

FE-107 Results


FE-107 comparison of FEA vs. WRC 107/297 results:

FE-107 Comparison


FEBend Input dialog:



FEBend output graphics:




SIFs and Ks:


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