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CADWorx Time Savings

When we speak of time savings achieved using the CADWorx Plant Design Suite, people are often skeptical. One reason is that the time savings our users report sound improbable. Another is that every software vendor says that their software is easy to use and easy to learn, so when we say it, why should you believe us? People also suspect that the effort endured implementing their last software system would have to be repeated. Not so.

Here are some of the reasons why CADWorx allows you to go from zero to finished project faster than any other system:


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Installation & Configuration
This process takes minutes, and when completed, you are ready to launch the program and start modeling. CADWorx is installed with built-in catalogues and specifications with 60,000+ components, so almost everything you need is already there. Choose your specification, choose your line size, then start modeling. Most differences between the built-in CADWorx specifications and yours involve component descriptions, which can be updated later in the project & be pushed back to the existing components you've already modeled. No more waiting weeks or months for the spec guys to get the software configured.

Program Architecture
CADWorx was first designed & developed by a veteran piping designer with excellent programming skills, who recognized that all of the software available at the time was designed to make it easy for the programmer, when it really should be designed to make it easy for the user. This ease-of-use focus leads to many efficiencies that are not found in other software. Other software configuration is more complex and time-consuming, sometimes even requiring actual programming, which requires additional training & knowledge. With CADWorx, configuration is done using simple dialogs.
Where CADWorx allows you to accomplish many tasks in one or two steps, other software can requires 8 or 10 steps. When you multiply the difference by thousands of tasks, it truly adds up.

Simple to edit and simple to add components. If you find that a specification is missing a component, with a few clicks, you can add other existing components easily. Once you've setup your project files once, they can be deployed again and again.

Model Changes
Design changes mid-project are common, and where other systems would require a delete & re-do, CADWorx lets you effortlessly move, stretch and make instant changes. Even pipe changes and spec changes take just seconds, with everything from flanges & valves down to the gaskets and bolts all automatically updating.

Custom Components
If you have an odd-ball component that doesn't match the geometry of built-in components, CADWorx gives you two ways to handle these quickly. If it's a one-off, you can model it in AutoCAD, then apply intelligence to the component in less than a minute. If you have multiple instances of the component, you can build it in AutoCAD (or use the vendor-supplied model), then run a CADWorx routine that creates the 3D and Isometric versions of the component, and add it to the specification. Aside from drawing the component, adding it to the specification takes less than a minute. Some other systems require 4 or 5 DAYS to build custom components.

Learning Curve
If you know AutoCAD, you know 80% of what you need to know to run CADWorx. New users who know AutoCAD typically report being productive in less than a day. The more complex a system is to run, the longer it takes to learn how to run it. Our CADWorx Plant seminar is 3 days long, with a half-day "AutoCAD 3D Tune-up" session for those who may not know a few very important AutoCAD functions. In it, attendees learn how to build equipment, steel, piping and tie them all together, as well as Isogen, specification editing & project configuration.

All AutoCAD Commands Work
In CADWorx, every AutoCAD command works. Stretch, Copy, Undo, Mirror... For some reason, most other AutoCAD-based plant software interferes with AutoCAD commands. The result is that you have to figure out what AutoCAD commands don't work and 'unlearn' them, and learn the new ways to accomplish the same tasks, if it's possible. With CADWorx, there is no 'unlearning curve'.

Create CAESAR II Stress Models
Stress analysts typically spend 60-70% of their time just creating their models. Saving this time for the stress analyst is an obvious benefit in terms of cost and even project duration, but there is another benefit. As one user explains:

"We used to wait until all of our piping drawings were done before we passed them on to stress, but now, we instead creat CAESAR II models and send them to the stress analysts as the piping is being created. This allowed us to start the stress analysis portion of our last project 4 months early, and saved 4 months on the total 18-month project time-line."

Efficiency Improvements Reported by Users
The highest efficiency improvement reported by a user switching to CADWorx that we've heard of is 90%. This was a case where the 3D AutoCAD-based software they were using didn't allow them to start with an existing model & re-use it for a new project. They had to start all over from zero. CADWorx allowed them to copy & edit their previous system designs.

Most users of 2D piping design programs report a 75% improvement when switching to CADWorx. This is primarily because of the speed of modeling in 3D plus the advantage of generating the orthographic and isometric drawings from the same source model with a few clicks. Using a 2D system, changes require changes to multiple drawings, which requires much more time and effort. 15 years ago, 3D modeling was understood to be a very difficult and expensive proposition, and it was. That perception persists to this day, and we sometimes still hear this echoed by users of 2D plant design systems. We've also heard: 'We're not ready for 3D'. If you're using a 2D plant design program, your 2-month project should take you 2 weeks in CADWorx.

Project Execution
The nightmare we all want to avoid is being mid-project & realizing that we can't get the job done with our current tools. Two users (with two different plant design systems) reported that their software was unable to succeed on their project, and they were forced to switch to something else. In one case, a user of another program switched mid-project to CADWorx and finished the project ahead of schedule and under budget.

Technical Support
When our users have questions or problems, they receive knowledgeable, typically immediate support, by phone or email, and sometimes, on-site. The ability to overcome project obstacles with our assistance helps keep your project moving ahead, and that's important too.

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