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Fluid hammer & transient analysis for incompressible systems




A third-party chemical properties library of hundreds upon hundreds of liquid and gaseous chemicals.  When available, Chempak empowers AFT software with a huge database of chemical information.  Chempak also allows AFT software to calculate and report on resulting mixtures at any point in a piping system.

Fathom Add-On Modules Adds valuable capabilities to Fathom
Fathom Slurry Module Adds slurry analysis capabilities to Fathom


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Applied Flow Technology software sets the standard in piping network flow technology.  Whatever your industry or application, you'll find the tools necessary to analyze your fluid systems quickly and easily.

Open and closed loop systems are addressed, and often overlooked issues such as the effect of heat transfer on fluid properties are also analyzed.   Find out if your system undergoes sonic choking and where.  Is the fluid condensing?  What's the chemical mixture at your branch connections?   Are some of your control valves failing, and which ones? AFT software answers all these questions and more.   Are your pumps oversized or undersized?  How much will we save over the life of the facility with smaller compressors?  From the most simple to the most complex analyses, AFT software is the very best of its kind to provide the answers you need.

Systems are quickly built in the AFT visual work environment using drag-and-drop icons.  Double-click any component and you're presented with the data input dialog for that component.  Required inputs are highlighted for guidance.  Groups of components can be quickly edited with common data in one step.  Any components that are not completely defined are visually brought to your attention.

Analysis is performed using advanced matrix math & solution algorithms.  Compressible methods used are pseudo-proprietary, as they were developed by AFT and not used by any other software.  Just one of the things that underscores that this is the very best software of its kind.

Output is completely user-controlled.  Any fluid or flow property you want to see can be reported at any point in the system both numerically, and graphically.

To help with the many "what-if" scenarios you need to review, AFT's Scenario Manager lets you spawn & manage any number of child systems - with global changes that can filter down through all scenarios with a single edit.   This powerful tool is just one of the features that sets this software above the rest.


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